Staff Training and Education

Don’t know a Chablis from a Shiraz?

Findlater Wine & Spirit Group are able to offer a complete programme of wine training/education to all our customers. 

We offer a comprehensive training programme tailor made to the individual customer.

Training & Portfolio Manager

This training will be undertaken by Noel Tymlin, our Training & Portfolio Manager, a well known face in the wine trade. 

Noel has been involved in the wine business and training for 30 years and has a Diploma from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

For more information please contact your sales specialist.

Training Programmes Includes:

Selling    -   Cutting-edge selling techniques.

“Now, everybody, from the waiters to the restaurant manager to the kitchen staff, needs to know how to sell.

If we can empower staff with the ability to upsell a customer from a €20 bottle of wine to a €26 bottle of wine, the margins are better for the restaurant, staff are better equipped to deal with customer queries – everybody wins.”

Noel Tymlin, Training Manager

Wine Service  -  Presentation, Opening & Pouring in Role Play format.

“This begins with service strategies; meet and greet the customer, maintain eye contact, listen to what the customer says, an descort them to their seat.

The menu and the wine list should be introduced together. Don’t be passive about it , give them the wine list and ask ‘Can I start you off with a drink’?”

Noel Tymlin, Training Manager.

Tasting  -   Guided Tutored tasting through specific wines.

“Product knowledge for each of the wines is vital. We teach a commercial view of the wines. I will give them a little bit of history on the wines but then having tasted the wines I will get them to individually put down three or four bullet points to help them sell the wines.

At this point I take their food menu and ask them to give me a food recommendation. Finally I suggest that they take a white and red wine from the tasting and actively sell and recommend it over the next two weeks.”

 Noel Tymlin, Training Manager.

Wine Training Endorsements

 “I found the wine training very beneficial to myself, the supervisors, and most importantly to the staff. Looking forward to the follow up training session!”
Kerry Mullin Restaurant Manager, 
Slieve Russell Hotel, Cavan

“I have had great feedback from the staff following the training session.”
 Jane English, owner, Wineport Lodge
Athlone, Co Westmeath

“Staff more confident in selling and recommending wine to customers”
Kristian Burness, Restaurant Manager
II Vignardo, Dublin

“Very good response from staff. Confidence increased to upsell and recommend wines to customers.”
Eddie Byrne, Group Off Licence Manager,
Louis Fitzgerald Group

“Staff on the floor much more confident in recommending wines”
Brendan Dignam, Restaurant Manager
The Old Stand, Dublin