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About the Company

Findlater Wine & Spirit Group is a leading sales, marketing and distribution company that is focused on building a premium branded business. Findlaters ensures that the brands it represents in Ireland employ an effective and innovative strategy and is constantly adapting so that it can keep adding value to our customers. The key to our success is the combination of quality world class brands and a first class distribution service.

Findlater Wine & Spirit Group was formed in March 2009 following the merger of two of Ireland’s most prestigious and historic wine companies: Woodford Bourne and FindlaterGrants, itself an amalgamation of two of the country’s most respected distributors. With the combination of these three companies, Findlater Wine & Spirit Group can boast over 580 years of experience in the wine trade in Ireland.



Today the company is located in Tallaght, Dublin 24, with over a dozen wine specialists covering the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland, with the remaining six counties are covered via our affiliation with Woodford Bourne Northern Ireland. We have a dedicated sales office and logistics network that ensures complete customer service from order to delivery.

Our customers range from the large supermarkets to independent, family-run off-licences and everywhere in between, including on-trade premises such as pubs, restaurants and hotels. With our experienced and efficient sales team covering every kilometre of the island, our customers are always guaranteed individual, personal customer service.

Registered Address:   79 Broomhill Road
                                         Dublin 24
Company Reg. No.     2227